Project Description

The joint research project »FutureHotel«

The »FutureHotel« project is dedicated to central questions regarding the hotel of the future. Toghether with partners from the hospitality sector, the Fraunhofer IAO is researching key develope ments and their influence on the hospitality sector. Different types of guests and their specific demands are analysed along with the potential for optimisation in hospitality management and operations.

New, forward-looking solutions for the various facilities of a hotel, such as guest rooms, reception, conference areas etc. will be researched. Technological innovations as well as economic, ecological and social viewpoints will be taken into account.

In addition, laboratories like the Showcase »FutureHotel«, located in the inHaus Innovation Center in Duisburg as well as the »Urban Living Lab« in Stuttgart, offer a unique opportunity to combine theoretical research with a real testing field.

Business partners who are interested in innovative solutions for the hospitality industry, may join the project. 

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Project Phase V (2016-2017)

The joint research project »FutureHotel« started a new research phase in April 2016. The aim is to develop innovative concepts and solutions for FutureHotels.

The current topics are:

  • »FutureHotel Living Bathroom 2030«
    Conception and development of future hotel bathroom.
  • »Wellness and Spa Survey among Hotel Guests and Staff«
    Online Survey to identify success factors of wellness and spa areas within hotels.
  • »Stress Factors for Hotel Guests during their Stay«
    Survey among private and business travellers to identify sources of stress during a hotel stay.
  • »Digital Transformation of Hotels«
    Areas of application for the use of innovative technologies in hotels.
  • »Food & Beverage Trends and Concepts«
    Research on trends, ideation, derivation and development of innovative concepts for hotels.
  • »Experience Factors for Hotel Guests«
    Identification of relevant factors for lasting experiences in hotels and derivation of innovative solutions on the basis of best practice analyses.
  • »Evaluation of innovative hotel solutions in operation«
    Evaluation of automized processes like booking, checkIn and checkOut in operation. Therefore hotel guests and staff in Hotel Schani Vienna and SI Suites Hotel Stuttgart are interviewed to give their feedback.

Opportunity to participate:
If you are interested in being a part of the FutureHotel group, please don't hesitate to contact us. You will receive a project description on request.

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Review: Project Phase I - IV (2008-2016)

The previous project phases included the following results:

  • »FutureHotel Building 2052«
    A FutureHotel Vision 2052 for the urban hotel building of the future.
  • »FutureHotel Digitalised Process Evaluations«
    Study among pioneers in the hospitality sector to evaluate their current status on digital hotel room selection fort he guest, digital reservatio, check-in and check-out processes.
  • »International Hotel Guest Survey on Innovations«
    Survey among hotel guests from China, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and the USA.
  • »Dach-Market Hotel Guest Survey on Innovations«
    Survey among hotel guests from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to evaluate innovative solutions.
  • »FutureHotel Small Medium«
    Market analysis, challenges and recommendations for actions for the small and medium-sized private hotel industry within the DACH market.
  • »Hotel Schani Vienna«
    Integration of forward-looking solutions in the planning and development of the Hotel Schani in Vienna.
  • »Guideline Leading-Edge Hotel Environment«
    Guideline with current and marketable concepts and solutions; derivation of a baseline scenario.
  • »FutureHotel Hotel Management Survey«
    Survey among hoteliers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the assessment of innovative solutions for the hotel industry.
  • »Coworking Hotel Concept Study«
    Analysis and conception of a synergetic merger of a hotel and a coworking space.
  • »Basic report FutureHotel BASICS«
    Current facts and figures for the hospitality industry in Germany in the international comparison.
  • »Trend Report FutureHotel«
    Survey on global trends and developments.
  • »Innovations Catalogue FutureHotel Technologies«
    Identification and evaluation of forward-looking technologies for the hotel industry.
  • »FutureHotel Guest Survey on Guest Types and specific Needs«
    Identification of specific types of hotel guests, their specific demands and needs – today and in the future.
  • »Future Scenarios FutureHotel«
    Development of six future scenarios for hotel concepts in the 2020.
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Innovation Network »FutureHotel«

As a joint project, »FutureHotel« applies to companies from the hospitality industry, who share a passion for the invention of the future. The Fraunhofer IAO is responsible for the project management and coordinates the research.

The expertise of the Fraunhofer IAO and the experience of the Fraunhofer Institute as a neutral scientific instance is used to analyze future trends and developments for the hospitality industry. The project partners may actively participate in regular project meetings and workshops.