Research Topics in Phase VII (2022-2024)

The research and innovation network »FutureHotel« starts research phase VII in January 2022. It's our objective to develop innovative concepts for future hotels on multiple levels. Therefore, we apply various methods to answer the identified research questions, such as trend analyses and innovation scouting, carrying out surveys, developing future scenarios and strategies and lastly testing and evaluating new solutions in real-world laboratories. 

Research phase VII focuses on the following topics:

Resilient post-covid hotel world: Hotels' new role, innovative business models for hospitality, new living concepts, hotel types, changing travel behavior and innovative bonus- and loyalty programs.

New Work: Concepts and solutions for sustainable working envrionments in hospitality, employee demands and contemporary incentive models.

Smart Hotel: The connected and sustainable hotel with digitalized services, integrated systems and design of use cases.

Sustainability & Digitalization: Smart digital strategies to fulfill sustainability standards, measuring success, realizing sustainability potentials through digitalization and putting innovative solutions into practice. 

Previously on FutureHotel... Review of Research Fields since 2008

Since 2008 the innovation network »FutureHotel« generates insight and foresight for the hotel industry. Publications addressing various research fields can be found in the IAO-Shop. The previous project phases included the following results:

  • »FutureHotel Building 2052«
    A FutureHotel Vision 2052 for the urban hotel building of the future.
  • »FutureHotel Digitalised Process Evaluations«
    Study among pioneers in the hospitality sector to evaluate their current status on digital hotel room selection fort he guest, digital reservatio, check-in and check-out processes.
  • »International Hotel Guest Survey on Innovations«
    Survey among hotel guests from China, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and the USA.
  • »Dach-Market Hotel Guest Survey on Innovations«
    Survey among hotel guests from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to evaluate innovative solutions.
  • »FutureHotel Small Medium«
    Market analysis, challenges and recommendations for actions for the small and medium-sized private hotel industry within the DACH market.
  • »Hotel Schani Vienna«
    Integration of forward-looking solutions in the planning and development of the Hotel Schani in Vienna.
  • »Guideline Leading-Edge Hotel Environment«
    Guideline with current and marketable concepts and solutions; derivation of a baseline scenario.
  • »FutureHotel Hotel Management Survey«
    Survey among hoteliers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the assessment of innovative solutions for the hotel industry.
  • »Coworking Hotel Concept Study«
    Analysis and conception of a synergetic merger of a hotel and a coworking space.
  • »Basic report FutureHotel BASICS«
    Current facts and figures for the hospitality industry in Germany in the international comparison.
  • »Trend Report FutureHotel«
    Survey on global trends and developments.
  • »Innovations Catalogue FutureHotel Technologies«
    Identification and evaluation of forward-looking technologies for the hotel industry.
  • »FutureHotel Guest Survey on Guest Types and specific Needs«
    Identification of specific types of hotel guests, their specific demands and needs – today and in the future.
  • »Future Scenarios FutureHotel«
    Development of six future scenarios for hotel concepts in the 2020.

»FutureHotel« Laboratories

Real-world testing environments

Research phase VII focusses on jointly developing new concepts and solutions with the innovation network and testing them in real-world environments at our project partners. Stay tuned...

Showcase »FutureHotel«

The Showcase »FutureHotel« was located at the inHaus Innovation Center in Duisburg. Between 2008 and 2020 new solutions were demonstrated and tested in this trendsetting hotel room of the future.

»Urban Living Lab« in Stuttgart

The »Urban Living Lab« at Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart presented different sevices and solutions based on the interaction with specific user profiles. One of the application examples was a future hotel room.