»FutureHotel - Smart Resilient Hotel« (English)

The study presents actions and solutions to foster the digital transformation of hotel businesses. It refers to actions and solutions in four strategic fields of action: Smart Services, New Work, Digital Business and Smart Building. 

»The term 'Smart Resilient Hotel' descibes a hotel that is characterized by a high degree of digitization and therefore capable of surviving stressful, threatening situations without persistant damage.« 


»FutureHotel Smart Hotel Room« (English)

The study presents the scenario of a technologically possible hotel room experience in the year 2020. The report discusses the current state of practice by listing worldwide projects on smart hotel rooms and innovation laboratories, focusses on the experience from a guest's perspective and highlights the implementation of smart solutions. The study offers hoteliers, as well as their planners and consultants, concrete assistance in strategically developing their future actions and realising a scientifically proven solution for their own smart hotel rooms.


»FutureHotel Building 2052« (English)

Solutions for the hotel building are derived from the analysis of existing visions and scenarios of global developments, pilot projects as well as the identification of areas of innovation and form the basis of the vision of a hotel building in 2052 in urban areas.


»International Hotel Guest Survey on Innovations« (German)

The evaluation of country specific differences of customer requirements. Travellers from Austria, China, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, UK, USA were conducted on innovative solutions for a hotel of the future.


»Hotel Management Survey FutureHotel« (German)

More than 2.500 hoteliers participated in this survey with regard to the application and implementation of different solutions and measurements in practice. The survey also presents trends and needs in the hospiality sector based on the statements of the decision makers.


»FutureHotel BASICS« (German)

The basic report »FutureHotel« BASICS is available in bookstores and in the IAO shop. It includes: Current Facts and Figures for hospitality industry in Germany, a Best Practice report with innovative hospitality concepts and presentation of the Showcase ››FutureHotel‹‹.