»FutureHotel« enters a new research phase: Project partners develop a vision for the hotel guest bathroom of the future

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Mar 8, 2016

What will the hotel guest bathroom of the future look like? What are the expectations and needs of the future traveler? The »FutureHotel« innovation network is putting these questions at the center of its research, which is now entering its fifth project phase. By using different research methods – including online surveys, expert interviews and creative workshops – project partners are creating intelligent solutions for guest bathroom design that not only meet the needs of guests but are also economically feasible in their implementation.

»FutureHotel Forum 2017«

The »FutureHotel Forum 2017« will be held on 16.05.2017 with the DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart.

The Opening of Hotel Schani Vienna

Vienna. 29th April 2015: Hotel Schani Wien Presents Another Innovation at its Opening Press Conference: Individual Room Selection

 Further information: Hotel Schani.